Monday, 28 July 2014

Final Powys enduro prep

The bike's ready to race on Sunday after a few last minute changes and adjustments. I can't remember if I mentioned it before but I checked, cleaned and reconnected all the electrics behind the headlight cluster to try to cure the shorting problem I had at the Welsh 2 day enduro. I've also had the radiator mounts re-welded recently (thanks ET James), I've just put some new throttle grips on, some new rear wheel bearings and seals and a new chain link clip. Other than that it's just been the usual checks, cleaned the air filter and stuck the numbers on! This year I'm number 208 in the Sportsman class.

Unfortunately I'm having to use the same set of tyres from the Welsh 2 day enduro, not only for the Powys enduro but also for the Beacons 2 day rally the following weekend, which isn't ideal, but there we go, that's racing on a budget for you!

Rain is forecast for Friday onwards so that should make the Powys interesting! As long as I clean the day I'll be in with a chance.

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