Monday, 14 July 2014

Preparation for the Powys enduro

With less than 3 weeks to go now until the 40th anniversary edition of the MWTRA Powys Enduro, I've been making sure the bike is ready after the Welsh 2 day. The guys at ET James welded my radiator mounting brackets back onto the radiator and persuaded it back into shape. I think I'll look into getting some braces made up for it at some point. The benefits of these oversized rads are lost on me so far (they were on the bike when I bought it)!

Other than that the Wales Air Ambulance EXC is good to go, the tyres are looking a bit second hand after a couple of days at the Welsh but they need to last me the Powys and the Beacons 2 day rally the following weekend!

I'll be riding in the Sportsman again this year at the Powys, looking to break into the top 3 if I can after last year's 5th place.

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