Tuesday, 16 June 2015

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer break

It's been a bit quiet on the racing front recently! I have to admit it's nice to relax and do some training in my own time, not having to worry about fixing the bike with a tight deadline or rushing off to races every other weekend for a change.

I'm enjoying having some downtime and I'm really looking forward to my next race, which will be the Powys Enduro in August.

That's still a while away at the moment but that gives me plenty of time to fettle the bike, do some roadbook training ready for the RallyMoto GB round of the RallyMoto Cup and do some intense fitness training off the bike too. I've been at the gym a lot recently and I'm feeling fit and strong, so I'm confident about getting back on the bike.

There will be some training videos coming soon, so watch this space!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Erzberg 2015: Sportsmanship at its finest

In case you missed it, the picture below sums up the 2015 Erzberg Red Bull Hare Scramble - the most memorable moment from the event and one that demonstrates true sportsmanship and teamwork at the pinnacle of our sport. Just a small part of why we love enduro!

Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis, Andreas Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gomez all crossed the finish line together after their magnificent manual ascent of the "Downtown" section of the course to become the first riders in history to share 1st place between 4 riders.

They man-handled, dragged, roped and scrambled their way up the section by forming a human chain in this fantastic spectacle. The weather is always harsh at Erzberg, this year it was extremely hot. The riders even stopped for a picnic half way up the section and could be seen sharing a bag of M&Ms in the heat of the race - where else do you see that?!

Roll on the next edition of the Erzberg Rodeo. Photo ©Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool.