Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Older and wiser?

Here we go then, I'm starting my 27th year today! I went out for a fantastic trail ride with some mates last night and really enjoyed it, the bike was fine and I felt good, so things are looking good for the Powys Enduro in just over a weeks' time. What a little treat that was, stunning scenery all around and all kinds of tracks to ride. I spoilt it a little by catching my leg on a rock towards the end, so I'm limping a bit today but hopefully it'll pass quickly.

My goal this year is the same as my race season's goal, and that is to get a class win in an enduro. The Powys is what I consider to be my best chance of the year so far, I know it well having ridden it for the last 5 years or so, but as usual it will come down to the special test times, so I'll have to be fit and ready. The first test will be important as it's normally at the start of the event and that's a good opportunity to gain an advantage if I can push hard and stay on. If it's wet it's anyone's game, but I'll be making sure I don't lose any time on the checks by keeping a good pace. I'm really excited for it now!

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