Thursday, 3 July 2014

No go for Dawn to Dusk enduro and Hafren Rally

Unfortunately I have had to decide not to take part in the Dawn to Dusk enduro this year. I can't afford it, but I will try to fit it in next year. I'll be there to watch and probably take a few snaps though.

Also, we found out earlier today that this year's Hafren Rally has been cancelled, which is a real shame because it's a fantastic event and many people's favourite - certainly one of mine. That's bad news for me in particular because it means I'll only have 5 ATRC round results to compete against others' 6 rounds, and that's only if a new ATRC round materialises (more on this later when we know what's happening).

Hafren DBC are going to be running a BEC round next year though which is good news, it'll be brilliant I'm sure, so I'll go to watch that, or if I'm feeling mad enough (and they have a sportsman class) I may even have a go!

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