Friday, 10 October 2014

ATRC Standings: Round 7

The ATRC points have been updated after the penultimate round of the series at the Tarenig Rally and it's still anyone's game going into the final round at the Cambrian Rally next weekend!

In my class, the Rally Lite 2T >249cc, the top 3 are still undecided, where I'm currently lying in 3rd. Mathematically, it's still possible for any of us to take the win, which makes the Cambrian a huge fight to the finish! It'll be a question of who can keep a cool head under pressure and be consistent throughout the weekend without making silly mistakes. I know my chances of winning the class in the ATRC series are pretty slim, but there is hope!

There's plenty of action in the other classes too, you can see the full standings on the All Terrain Rally Challenge website.

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