Friday, 15 August 2014

Update: This year's results so far

A quick update to summarise my results so far this season on the Wales Air Ambulance EXC. Things are going in the right direction but there's room for improvement as they say!
  • 2nd - Brechfa Rally
  • 4th - Drovers enduro
  • 1st - Pikes Peak Baja Rally
  • 4th - Caio enduro
  • 31st - Welsh 2 day enduro
  • 1st - Powys enduro
  • 2nd - Beacons rally
With only 2 ATRC rounds to go, I need points desperately if I'm going to catch up after missing out 3 rounds. Realistically all I can do is secure 3rd, but my personal target will be to win the final 2 rounds.

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