Friday, 2 October 2015

Fowlers entry in!

I'm pleased to have got my entry in for the Mid Wales Dirt Track Fowlers Enduro in 2 weeks' time. It turns out that this year's Bwlchciliau event is going to be a Hare & Hounds and will therefore be dropped from the 2015 ET James Welsh Solo Enduro Championship, making Fowlers Enduro the final round of the championship this year.

That should make for a pretty good turn out in what is a great event. That being said, I remember the last time I competed at the Fowlers enduro - it remains the toughest event I've ever done! That was back in 2013 - I entered the Sportsman class and it was billed as a good enduro for beginners. Well that was a bit of an eye opener, let me tell you. The course was very, very wet and it was effectively one giant deep, sloppy, muddy rut all the way round. In fact, the special tests were by the far the toughest part of the 20 mile loop.

We were 2 laps in, I'd just completed the 2nd special test and I was completely exhausted. I finished the lap thinking I was done for the day and I entered the check to see a grimace on Jess Hockly's face "Just one more to go...sorry" she said. I think she could see the look of anguish on my face! I pulled into the pits and there were some other Sportsmen there, who were packing up their things to go home. Then my mate came in and said that he'd been sent round the 2nd special! I must have been the last Sportsman to go through. Knowing I only had to negotiate the first test again and seeing my mate pull back out onto the course, I decided I'd give it a shot. So off we went, and we stuck together, trail riding the whole lap, making sure we'd get round. In fact, we were actually just making sure we didn't hour out, the closing marshalls were catching up with us and at one point I think the Clerk of the Course thought they'd lost us two! It was an amazing feeling to get to the end, we were both completely destroyed by the relentless course but it taught me a valuable lesson in never giving up and digging deep to earn a finish.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this year's edition, I hope I won't find it as hard this time round! I'll be in the Clubman class this time round, but I haven't ridden in 3 months so that will make things interesting! Bring it on.

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