Monday, 16 March 2015

Coming up: Brechfa 2 day rally

The format of the Brechfa Rally which is organised by Dyfed DBC has changed this year to a 2 day event. This should make things a bit more interesting! To get a good result, we'll need to be consistent on the special tests across both days.

I have entered in the Good Experts (1) category again, and having finished in the top ten in every ATRC event I entered last year apart from the Beacons Rally, I'm reasonably confident I'm in the right class. I found it also made a difference to my test times having a clear run at the tests.

Last year at the Brechfa was my first race aboard the new 300, and I ended up in 8th place overall, with 2nd place in the Rally Lite 2T > 249cc class.

This year my goal in the ATRC is to try and win my class at every event and claim a top ten finish overall. It's ambitious but I have to push myself to keep improving.

The race is in less than 2 weeks now, so it's time to prepare myself and the bike. Can't wait!


  1. It's going to be a interesting championship

    1. Haha yeah you're right there matey! Are you doing all the rounds this year?

  2. Hopefully gets very expensive doing the rallys and enduros and the odd motocross events and a two week holiday watching the tt on the iom