Monday, 2 June 2014

Disaster strikes the Wales Air Ambulance EXC

Well I just can't believe my luck. After only 100 hours on the engine, I'm faced with a rebuild. The problem manifested itself as an abnormally loud engine noise and a vibration through the bike. I'm absolutely gutted, not only because I look after my bike really well, but the cost of the repair could put an early end to my season.

I haven't had confirmation yet from the mechanics as to whether it's a full rebuild or just(!) the top end. Worst case scenario would mean new internal engine seals, con-rod kit (including main and small end bearings), piston and rings and maybe even re-plating and/or re-boring the cylinder. Best case from here as far as I can tell is a new top end (piston & rings), but even that isn't exactly a cheap job, especially when I need a new set of tyres as well!

It's being fixed as we speak by the good folk at ET James, but I'm worried that I won't have much time to run the bike in properly before the Welsh 2 day. More soon when I have a full report of the parts needed and work that needs doing...

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