Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Drovers enduro back in my schedule

Good news! I've been able to get my entry in for the WTRA Drovers enduro on the 13th April. I'd always planned to ride it again this year after being beaten by the icy conditions in 2013. It should be great preparation for the Pikes Peak Baja Rally two weeks later, so I'll be looking to get round in a respectable time and get my fitness up.

I finally got round to replacing the handlebar clamp bolts (the ones that secure the clamps to the upper triple clamp). One of them was pretty badly bent, not an essential fix but I like to know my bike's spot on.

I did some training on the weekend but it wasn't what I was hoping for! It was only about 2 hours in total and I worked on pushing myself out of my comfort zone to build on certain skills, namely flat grass motocross-type enduro special tests. It was insanely slippery and I sprained my right knee taking a dab on one of the corners, so I'm a bit miffed about that.

After that I practiced some trials skills, but when experimenting on a new section where I planned to jump off a ledge and land on the track, I forgot about a ditch a few feet before the lip [insert numerous excuses here] and ended up nose diving off the ledge and crashed hard. Luckily the bike was fine and so was I (just a bruised ego), so I carried on for a bit before washing the bike down and preparing it for the Drovers. It should be a great event and a proper workout, fingers crossed it won't be icy again though!

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