Monday, 18 January 2016

Winter bike maintenance

You know the drill, it's generally pretty quiet in the racing calendar over winter, so the downtime is a good opportunity for some much needed bike maintenance.

I spent some of the weekend finding out what needs to be done:
  • Air filter needs cleaning
  • Spark plug needs cleaning
  • Gearbox oil needs changing
  • Electric start needs a service
  • One of the fork seals needs re-seating
  • The gear lever needs replacing
  • The clutch perch needs fixing
  • The side-stand washer/spacer needs replacing
  • Throttle grips need replacing
  • There's an electrical fault that needs fixing
  • Battery needs charging
  • Rear mudguard sub-frame mounts need drilling out and tapping
  • Frame needs painting in some places
  • Lower shock bearing needs replacing
  • Suspension needs a service
  • Needs new tyres and mousses
  • Needs new chain
  • Needs new brake pads front and rear
  • Ideally needs a new piston as it's now at 180 hours (it had a full rebuild at 120) 
  • The whole bike needs a good thorough strip-down, clean and re-greasing
Then I set to work on a couple of those - I've already recharged the battery and serviced the electric start. More soon when I get a chance to work on it!

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