Monday, 21 December 2015

Results: 2015 All Terrain Rally Challenge

The results are out for the 2015 All Terrain Rally Challenge and there have been some great battles in several classes. I'm happy to see that in my class (Rally Lite 2 stroke over 250cc), all round good guy Rob Loupart was able to wrap up the championship at the Freestyle Hafren Rally by finishing 2nd to me, congratulations Rob!

Having only completed 2 rounds (and one mechanical DNF at the Brechfa), my 2 wins gave me 40 points and 7th place in my class.

A huge congratulations to all the winners, it's been another great year of racing in the ATRC, here's to another in 2016!

The top 3 finishers from each class are as follows:

Rally class:
  1. Lee Green
  2. Mike Wells
  3. Richard Morgan

Rally Lite 2T over 250cc:
  1. Rob Loupart
  2. Andy Myers
  3. Andrew Sillence

Trail class:
  1. Ant Ireland
  2. Matt Abel
  3. Steven Noble

Rally Lite 2T under 250cc:
  1. Iain Davis
  2. Meirion Scourfield
  3. Josh Allen

Rally Lite 4T over 350cc:
  1. Adrian Middleton
  2. Chris Foster
  3. Dave Leach

Rally Lite 4T under 350cc:
  1. Tony Whitehead
  2. Peter Marriott
  3. Peter Rough

Big Bikes Multi Cylinder over 575cc:
  1. Dave Watson
  2. Lee Salt
  3. Richard Griffin

Big Bikes Single Cylinder over 575cc:
  1. Paul Robson
  2. Bryn Long
  3. Paul Davies

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