Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy 3rd birthday!

My little KTM was 3 years old the other day, so it was time for her first MOT! Having gone through without any problem, I had some new tyres fitted ready for the Snowrun enduro. Thanks again to ET James for getting my bike sorted.

Michelin enduro competition III and IV are my favourites - out of all the different tyres I've used throughout my racing, they're the best performing in all conditions for my riding style. Oh and while I was at it I got a new front mousse as well (Michelin BIB mousse, obviously), the old one had a split in it about 2 inches long and half an inch deep. The rear mousse is just about perfect though, how about that for quality? I've done a whole season's racing, training and trail riding on that mousse and it's still great!

I still have a few things I was too lazy to do over Christmas though:
  • Gearbox oil
  • Chain link
  • Rear wheel bearings
  • Fit some yellow backgrounds for the Clubman class
  • Navigation gear setup
I should be able to sort the first 4 in a morning's tinkering, and I'll leave the last one until after the Snowrun - I need to gather some bits together first anyway.

By the way, I'm having loads of fun following the Dakar Rally - never a dull moment! If you're not sure how best to follow the action, see my earlier post.

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