Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pre-season update

My training routine has kept me sane this month! I've been doing well to keep up the mountain bike riding in the cold, windy and rainy conditions in January. I think I've been averaging around 50 miles a week, but I've done some really good long routes including a 4 hour trail ride which (Google Earth tells me) had an elevation gain of over 3000ft!

The regular post-work night time route which I do twice a week is a 15 mile-ish loop that crests Caerphilly mountain. Then I'm free to go for a nice trail ride on the weekend. Normally about 20 miles with some nice off road trails.

If I can keep this up, it should at least give me a base level of fitness for the first few races of the season. I have done about 4 hours riding on my EXC so far, and the first race is coming up in 5 weeks time. That will be the Brechfa Rally, the opening round of the 2014 All Terrain Rally Challenge.

I can't wait to see what the competition's going to be like in the >250cc two strokes class. If it's anything like the >350cc four strokes class of last year, it'll be highly competitive.

For those of you who don't know, the UK rallies normally have a rating system 1-10 for ability levels. You rate your own ability, with 1 being the experts and 10 being the beginners. If I remember correctly, at the start of last year, I started off racing my first full season of rallies at the Brechfa Rally at 5. Throughout the year over 6 rounds my results improved and I am now comfortably racing at 3.

Bring on the Brechfa on the 9th of March!

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