Monday, 2 December 2013

Before and after

What did it look like before?! Well it was pretty much a standard EXC, but to highlight the changes, here's a direct comparison:

    Before                                               After

I had a feeling it wouldn't go together without a few issues, but I was still pretty confident that I'd be done in a few hours. Here's what caught me out though:
  • The hollow nut/bolt combination that secures the rear plastics and the seat to the subframe was ruined (thread disappeared). I ended up having to grind off the rear mudguard around the bolt so that I could get a socket on it!
  • The new plastics kit I had didn't come with any fittings, so I swapped the graphics over on the airbox/sidepanel section (luckily the old one is white anyway).
  • I had to drop the forks out to fit the fork guards.
Other than that it went pretty well and I was all done in about 6 hours (including a trip to good old ET James for a new nut/bolt)!

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