Saturday, 16 November 2013

A new year and a new challenge in 2014

This year has gone well for me, up until the start of the year I'd only done a handful of events, with those being a mixture of local rallies and enduros.

So I wanted to jump in at the deep end and go for a full season of racing. It's been fantastic fun and I've improved a lot, but it's not great for the bank balance!

I rode a Gas Gas EC 200 in the enduros and a Yamaha WR 400 in the rallies and I rode 6 of each type of event this year.

I decided after the season finished that I needed to cut costs a little, so my solution is to go down to one bike which will let me ride both events. It's a bit of a compromise on both accounts, but the best bike for the job had to be a KTM EXC 300.

So that's what I'll be competing on next year!

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